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G681 Granite,pink porino granite,rosy pink granite


  • Category: Granite
  • Origin: China
  • Main Color: Pink
  • Also known as : Xia red, royal peach, autumn red

G681 Granite,pink porino granite,rosy pink granite provides a rich, natural, high end appeal to any property. Granite G681 is strong, lightweight, easy to install and easy to ship. G681 tile is scratch resistant, easy to clean and super strong.

Physical Properties

  • Density(g/cm3):2.89
  • Water Absorption(%):0.43
  • Strength to bending(MPa):212.80
  • Porosity hardness modules of elasticity(MPa):15.40

Main G681 granite products

g681 granite tile
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pink porino granite,rosy pink granite tiles
rosy pink granite slabs
G681 Granite tiles Granite countertops
Thin granite tiles
New G681-granite wall panels
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